Home Automation

Today’s options for home automation would have almost seemed like magic a few years ago. Your parents or grandparents could have never imagined being able to set their thermostat, lock and unlock doors, or see who is standing on their front porch with a little device they hold in their hand.

This kind of automation does more than providing you with extra convenience. It will also give you a chance to save money and make your home much safer.

Kinds Of Home Automation We Offer

You can use a smartphone app or digital assistant to control many things around your house. Better yet, you can enjoy this control when you are home or from almost any remote location. These are the options for home automation that you can enjoy today.

Control Your Home Security Systems From Anywhere

You can control various aspects of your home security system from a control panel at home or your own cell phone from just about anywhere. For instance, you can enable or disable the alarms, receive alerts, and even see who has just rung the doorbell or how well your babysitter is handling your children.

Even if you must leave home, you don’t have to give up total control. You can even lock and unlock doors to keep intruders out and let the right people in.

Automation of Home Systems, Lighting, and Appliances

Would you like to save money on energy without giving up any comfort or convenience? You can rely on automation in your home to control many of your home systems. For example, you can set your thermostat, control lights, and even turn on smart appliances from your house or anywhere else that you happen to be.

If you connect your automation to a digital assistant, you can simply tell it what you want. If you’re away from home, you can use a cell phone app to communicate to your home system.

Automation for Non-Smart Appliances

You might think that the benefits you can enjoy from automation will be limited because you still have appliances and electronics that won’t connect to your network. You can purchase special smart electric plugs and switches that will work with your automation system.

While you may have old-fashioned lights or appliances that won’t typically work with your connected system, you can turn power on and off through these smart plugs and switches. This means that you can still enjoy all of the benefits of automation without having to replace all of your electronics. Turn on lamps or DVRs from anywhere.

Doorbell Cameras

Do you want to see and speak with visitors before you decide to let them come inside? If so, a video camera that works with your doorbell offers you high-tech security and luxury.

You can also use a phone app to view the area around your front door even if you’re still stuck at work or even away on vacation.

Room Surveillance

You won’t have to worry that the babysitter has decided to have a party when she’s supposed to be focusing upon your children. With room surveillance, you will be able to see and hear what goes on in various rooms of your house at any time.

You can enjoy peace of mind and protect your kids even if you can’t be there in person.

Home Security

Basic plans for home security systems will electronically monitor your house for typical hazards. These include smoke, carbon monoxide, floods, and intruders. You also get professional monitoring of your home security system, so the right emergency response can be summoned even if you’re not capable of calling or handling the situation.

Why Invest In Automation For Your Home?

Save money and time by controlling your thermostat, lighting, and many other aspects of your house. Improve safety and security with automated security systems and video surveillance. A modest investment in automated security for your home will pay for itself many times over.