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Statistics show that property crime rates in Sheboygan Wisconsin were 181.48% higher than the national average. The most common crimes were residential theft, auto theft, and robbery. Having a home security system in Sheboygan is a valuable investment that can protect your property, family, and peace of mind. Here at Home Security Land, we are your trusted provider for home alarm systems in Sheboygan.home alert security

Home Security Solutions

If you are looking for a modern, quality home alarm system in Sheboygan, WI, then look no further. Our alarm systems help deter criminals from your house, utilizing advanced smart technology to send alerts right to your smartphone. You can conveniently enable or disable alarms directly from your phone and receive alerts no matter where you are.

In addition to providing burglar alarms, Home Security Land systems monitor your house for hazards. You can monitor for smoke, floods, and carbon monoxide straight from your phone. This is especially important in places with heavy rains, which can cause water and flood damage to your property.

Smart Security Camera Systems & Monitoring

home security systemsOur services for a security camera system can ensure peace of mind by providing a range of home protection features including:

24/7 Monitoring and Emergency Response in Sheboygan home

We are always at work, keeping you and your property safe, even when you are asleep. No matter what time of day, we will send help to your home in the case of an emergency. Even when you are out on vacation, you do not have to worry about leaving your house unattended. Our systems will send you alerts straight to your phone. smart

Doorbell Surveillance System

we look after your systemsWe also provide doorbell surveillance. Even when you are out of the house, you can view who is at your door. From a free app on your phone, you can view who is on your property at all times.

Room Surveillance Systems

Camera systems are not only limited to monitoring outside your house. We install indoor camera systems, so you can check in on service babysitters, in-home healthcare, and maintenance workers coming in and out of your house. You can also check in on your kids while you are at work to give you peace of mind they are safe.

Fight against crime is nothing new. Your decision to introduce a security system in Sheboygan is obvious. The hard part is deciding which one.

Given crime, weather, and other quirks, we recommend ADT, Vivint, and Frontpoint. No matter which of these home security companies you choose, you can’t go wrong. Discover their differences and decide what is best for your.

Top 3 types for Sheboygan Home Security Systems

ADT Systems

Perfect for believers in proven and true, ADT has over 140 years of experience in home security. Millions use their services, so they are more than prepared for any emergency or services situation that appears in your home. Plans range from $ 19.99 for monitoring to $ 52.99 for home automation and remote live video streaming. If home automation is your priority, ADT drops on the price. If you only need basic security, they are perfectly matched. The basic ADT security equipment includes:outdoor equipment

  • door and window sensors,
  • control panel,
  • keychain remote control,
  • backup battery,
  • yard sign,
  • window sticker,
  • and high decibel siren.

Smart Frontpoint System

Frontpoint joined the home security game in 2007, but don’t be fooled by their greenery. This security company provides customer service, innovation, and self-installation. Plans range from $ 34.99 to $ 49.99, and equipment packages start at around $ 100 for homeowners who sign a three-year contract. Tenants pay more, but they only benefit from signing services an annual contract. Also, devices with glue do not require drilling holes in the walls. Your owner will appreciate it! Frontpoint’s basic equipment includes a central hub and keyboard, door/window sensors, and glass break sensors.


monitoring your homeVivint offers more than just home security. Their smart home compatible devices can transform any into an intelligent technological fortress. Use Vivint equipment to control:

  • the thermostat,
  • front door,
  • lights,
  • and more.

If you’re just looking for basic security, Vivint is not for you. Their monitoring services cost from $ 39.99 to $ 49.99, and equipment packages start at $ 700, which is expensive compared to our other products. smart home

With Vivint, all packages are equipped with a touch panel, six intelligent sensors, and two Google Home Minis. Choose between:

  • doors/windows,
  • motion detectors,
  • glass break detectors,
  • flood/freeze detectors,
  • smoke detectors,
  • carbon monoxide detectors.
Why exactly do you want to have a home security system?

Are you interested in intelligent home automation? Are you worried about car theft? Has your neighbor just broken in? Maybe all of the above. No matter the reason (s), let it help you decide which security company to go with.

Below are some reasons why you might want to install a home security system in Sheboygan. Read the list and decide what your home needs protection from. You’ll also see how ADT, Vivint, and Frontpoint go beyond security.

adt service for homeThere are high crime rates

It is not clear why there are so many violent crimes. Like every major city, has its share of street gangs, plague, and socio-economic tensions. But crime rates are high here. The city is one of the most dangerous in America service. You have a 23% chance of being the victim of violence or crime against property. The rates of:

  • killings,
  • robberies,
  • assaults,
  • vehicle theft,
  • and theft far exceed the national average.

By equipping your home with a security system, it’s easy to focus on the front of your home. It faces the street, so it seems the most obvious entry point. Home burglars attack the back doors and windows. Forgetting to arm these areas, especially if your security system doesn’t have a motion detector, puts your home in danger.

Both ADT and Vivint require professional installation. Although planning a technician’s visit may seem a hassle, it adds value to your home security system. The technician will bring additional equipment and prepare personalized safety recommendations for your home. They can show you how to arm the back of your home to make your home safer than ever. smart homependrive, speakers and control device

If you can’t afford to add sensors to all doors and windows, don’t worry. Research has shown that stopping an invader can be as simple as informing him about having a security system. Do this by displaying home security stickers or signs in the yard or placing an outdoor camera. ADT’s long-standing reputation and recognition give them an edge in this area.

For external security cameras, Frontpoint has a slight price advantage. Their video channel monitoring services plan costs less than the competition, and their cameras are at a reasonable price. The external video camera connects to Wi-Fi and streams to the phone. At night, infrared vision still captures clear shots.

You also get control over:

  • motion detection settings,
  • brightness,
  • contrast,
  • sharpness,
  • exposure,
  • and saturation.

Cold weather won’t bother you either. Works in weather between 4 ° and 122 ° F.

Experiencing storms and low temperatures

You and your home experience every season – hot and humid summer, calm autumn, cold winter, and stormy spring. Every season, there are plenty of potential problems in your home that affect you and your budget. smart monitoring

Winter days average 16 ° F. The heating bill increases, as does the risk of pipes freezing. Frozen pipes can lead to pipe rupture, which is a costly but avoidable problem.

The Vivint solution, an intelligent water sensor, detects changes in humidity and temperature, notifying you when it’s time to take proactive measures. The sensor sends a warning if the room temperature drops below 41 ° F or if it detects moisture. Install it near the basement pipes. It stays active all day, even if your system is unarmed.

Spring is full of rainy days and strong storms such as thunderstorms, hail, and even tornadoes. Flood sensors and spare batteries are useful in spring. The Frontpoint wireless system has the longest backup battery from our top three offers. During a power outage, the Frontpoint system continues to operate, and even reports power returns. install monitoring services

Are you worried about the spring flood? The ADT flood sensor detects water before extensive damage occurs. The sensors drain the batteries, so you can place them where you need them. If your home has been flooded in the past, place a flood sensor near this area. This way you will know when the water will begin to infiltrate instead of stumbling on it later when it is too late to save your belongings.

Vivint and ADT intelligent thermostats are useful during hot holidays. They provide remote control over the thermostat at home. Forgot to turn the AC before leaving for work? No worries. Just use the appropriate application to do so. You can even create a temperature schedule for you.

For example, set it to keep you cool at home when you fall asleep, and to lower the temperature at night. You will save money without even trying. install smart outdoor service

Public security initiatives and resources

The alarm system ensures security, but in a perfect world you will never have to use it. To reduce crime (and the likelihood that you’ll ever have to use the system), the city finances a range of resources for crime prevention and security initiatives. service for monitoring

Sheboygan Police Department

The Police Department, known for its performances on various TV shows, works tirelessly to ensure the safety of homes and streets. Over 12,000 sworn officers and 1,500 civilian employees work together to prevent and resolve crimes.

This makes CPD the second-largest city police station in the country. It’s not over either. A proposal from the mayor and police commander in 2016 sets out plans to increase police force to 13,500. In a city full of crime, additional officers are certainly needed. outdoor alert service

Community policy

The officers work in 22 districts and 279 police attacks. Each police hit consists of 9-10 officers. Beat officers form a large part of the community police strategy. You’ve probably seen them. They operate in the same area, so they know your area, local businesses and criminal trends.

You will see these officers service patrolling the streets by car, on foot and by bike. If you have not already done so, meet local policemen. They are a great source of information if you have questions about crime near you.

Beating officers organizes rhythmic meetings, during which police and the community brainstorm solutions to local crime. The police can’t see or know everything that is happening in the community, neither do you. Holding meetings is a way for both parties to exchange information. Can’t make an appointment? You can also report community concerns over the internet. install smart outdoor service

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